Saturday, June 30, 2012

{It's not goodbye, it's hello} For my dear readers an announcement.....

Many of you know that I write another blog and some of you may not. I've been in thought for some time about the future of my blogs, what I want, where I want to go. I have so many hopes and dreams for the future some of the dreams I've shared here, some I've shared over there (my other blog). The more I look at my future, my hopes and dreams within the blogging community and outside of it one thing I'm reminded of is doing what works for me.

I started this blog as part of my healing process after I lost my twin girls Elle and Meg, I've shared it all, all the nitty gritty, the heart breaking stuff. But I've also shared some glorious journeys as well here, through becoming a mum to my Cohen and Sarah. I've shared personal successes as well setbacks, again I've shared it all and all that has been put at my feet to walk through.

If you haven't worked it out, in the time you've been a part of this community, I'm a dreamer. I like to dream big for the future, I want to be so many things for me, but for my family, but I also want to help others, I want to relate, teach and be of service. With this blog I've had so many hopes and dreams, I've had a long term desire to create a space here that would be place for others to turn in a dark hour through pregnancy loss. I've hoped it could also be a place in time I could assist with breastfeeding stories and support and cover natural parenting topics. As well as being everything it is for me and more, and for you.

I've been assessing my goals lately and the vehicle for me getting to a place to achieve them, these aren't just blogging goals, they're life goals as well. It is an extremely emotional thing for me to be contemplating this, but I no longer feel that I can take Journey to Bliss in the directions I want to, all by its self, when I have attentions focused on My Vintage Vow too. But it works both ways, I feel as though my efforts over at My Vintage Vow are held back, by keeping two such huge parts to my life separate.

So what does that mean, to you, to me, to us? You've shared so much with me, you've supported me, cried with me, cheered me on and loved me. I don't want to say goodbye. What I'm working on is expanding and incorporating my blogging efforts, so that all my wonderful supporters here and at My Vintage Vow can get to know more of me, the whole me. The vehicle I will be concentrating on doing that with is My Vintage Vow.

I want to invite you to join me on the next step to my Journey to Bliss and come join me over at My Vintage Vow, as I try to incorporate my two worlds into one. It's going to be a lot of work, a lot of tweaking and rearranging but I'm sure I can do it. But I'm asking for your patience, because you're important to me. At this point in time I am also tossing up several options for what will become of all the content here.....that's the emotional bit, my baby girls are here, my Elle and Meg, my breastfeeding journeys, the birth of my children. I also want to honour these journeys and incorparate them where appropriate and have them continue to help others faced with the same or similar challenges I have faced.

In the initial stages of making this all happen and possible, I won't be continuing to blog here on as a regular basis as I have. I will keep you informed of developments at the moment, but the best place for you to see me starting to weave these two lives of mine together will be over at My Vintage Vow. When decisions have been completely made about the future and content of Journey to Bliss, you will be the first to know. I will be ever so thrilled and honoured if you join me over at My Vintage Vow and embark on this new journey in finding my bliss and balance in life and this bloggers world.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

{Failsafe} Preservative and Additive Free Pear & Anzac Crumble.....

With this cold rainy weather we're experiencing it's hard not to want a nice warm, sweet dessert for afternoon tea. With this house slowly preparing for Failsafe elimination, I've been brainstorming recipes and just the other day I was struck with sheer brilliance. So please bare with me because I'm not always an extract measurements kind of cook, but I'll do my best for you all.
Pear and Anzac Crumble
5 pears (more or less depending on your dish size)
1 cup wholemeal plain flour
2 cups rolled oats
3/4 cup fine brown sugar
2 tablespoons of Golden Syrup
125 grams butter
2 tablespoons of boiling water
2 teaspoons bi carb
Thickened Cream for serving.......this is where the magic happens for this dessert, an unexpected surprise.

1. I simply sliced the pears and placed them in my cooking dish skin on and all (although true Failsafe would require you to peel them), none of this stewed fruit bizzo.
2. Next make up the Anzac topping for the crumble, in a bowl mix flour and oats together.
3. Melt butter and golden syrup together.
4. In a cup work quickly to add two teaspoons of bi card to two tablespoons of boiling water, once it makes a fizzy sound quickly add this to the warm melted butter and golden syrup mixture. Watch the two mixtures froth up and quickly add to dry ingredients and stir all together.
5. Cover pears with Anzac crumble mixture and place in oven until the top is golden brown......I have a fan forced oven and set temp at 180 degrees.

6. Serve warm with thicken cream poured over the top. The cream oozes its way through the crumble to the pear juices, the brown sugar and butter in the crumble topping along with cream come together to create a light caramel like sauce........ahhh perfection.

Let me know if you give this a try!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Loving the Library: Special Needs Services.....

Although we have never needed the use of a Special Needs Library, Loving the Library wouldn't be Loving the Library without giving credit and mention to such services in the community, that are helping both children and adults. Knowing and seeing the difference that such services has made to people in our lives, who have needed them over the years, certainly qualifies it to be something to be loving the library for, wouldn't you say?

These days amongst many councils and community groups throughout Australia there are Special Needs Libraries established to help with development and rehabilitation of adults and children either with disabilities or special needs, with a vast collection of resources and equipment and even toys on offer to borrow.

Generally these services allow any person with a disability, or their legal guardian or carer to be a member. Membership to Special Needs Libraries will often require a referral from a therapist or other appropriate professional.

These services are often invaluable to those requiring them, with many individuals and families facing financial struggles with health and or disability concerns and medical expenses. Special Needs library allow those who need them to access resources and equipment for enrichment, enjoyment and rehabilitation that could otherwise be quite costly if they had to outlay funds out of their pocket.

For more information about Special Needs Libraries in your community contact your local council.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Additives and preservatives, we're all at risk.....

So you might of caught my mentions about a lifestyle change of sorts happening here. If you didn't catch this mention you can read about the why's and so forth here. I've known about the risks and affects of certain food additives and preservatives for several years now. I've always tried to make a conscious effort to cook from scratch where and when I can, but I'm no super women.

Recently when I've been mentioning our decision to do the Failsafe elimination the responses have been varied amongst family and friends. Many people have tried to convince me that the behaviours that Cohen displays at times are just normal, normal three year old antics. I wholeheartedly disagree, I think in a world so full of processed and fast food and convenience options to help you in the kitchen, we are all on a additive and preservative overload these days.
Additives and preservatives are added to foods to extend their shelf life, make them tastier, more visually appealing through colour and so on. All of that comes at a risk to us and our children, so now people unknowingly accept that spikes in negative and problem behaviours in their children are normal. I'll tell you there is nothing normal about a child running around speaking in tongues, squealing and running no stop all afternoon without getting puffed and being aggressive. I know my boy, I know how sweet and funny he is when he isn't affected, so therefore in my opinion said negative behaviours are not normal.
Some of my recent doubters have been in the family, but when I got a call from my mum recently to explain that Today Tonight ran a segment on this subject featuring Sue Dengate from the Fed Up (Food Intolerance Network), her thought process and support seemed to of shifted. Perhaps it's because it was a source bringing this subject in the mainstream consciousness, but nonetheless I'm not complaining.
Here is a link to watch the Today Tonight segament.
Here is another interesting account from a family in an article.

If you're experiencing problem behaviours in your children and or you have on going health concerns and niggles, maybe it's worth considering preservatives and additives and even other things that occur naturally in some foods. I hope the links are useful to those wanting to hear and learn more. I'm also very interested to hear others journeys down this road, or if it's something you've been considering doing.

Disclaimer: I know I am banging on about Fed Up and Failsafe, but this is on no way a sponsored post nor have previous posts been. This is all about our journey to find answers. I hope it helps those seeking answers too.

Monday, June 25, 2012

{Monday's Minutia} Apples and Audio Overload......

Today I'm linking up with fellow Queensland blogger Renee over at Nee Say. She is kicking off a linky - Monday's Minutia. Described as being a creative writing challenge where she takes a mundane topic and tries to make it mildly entertaining. I'm going to hop along for the ride and give it a go, and because I take inspiration from all things in life I will be drawing on my experience as a mother and my children's antics to hopefully capture a "mildly entertaining" post . To start off Renee has selected the letter "A" as the inspiration for this week, mundane topics beginning with "A".

So I bring you a weekend tale of Apples and Audio Overload.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Perhaps I should take the apples away so the doctor can come check this family for audio overload.
"Mummy, mummy I want a cuddle."
"Can I have a bed on the floor?"
"Mummy, I'm hungry, can I have an apple please?"
"Mummy where's daddy, is he at work?"
"Mummy can I have activities?"
"Mummy I get it, I want activities now."
"Mummy can I watch Blinky Bill please?"
"Mummy can I have an APPLE please?"
"Mummy I'm hung-ryyyy."

Mummy, mummy, mummy.
That's all within five minutes of rising I kid you not (5.30am), a total audio overload and assault. This audio assault is everyday and constant, but this past weekend Cohen scaled a full on, all out audio overload war on our ear drums. He literally didn't come up for air all weekend. He sent us into fits of laughter over our efforts to make up creative games to have some moments of silence, that were all for nothing. If words weren't coming out of his gob it was noise, sounds, whimpers, whines, sighs......anything, everything. If for a moments grace his mouth stopped, his body stepped in with drumming, patting, flicking, banging, smashing, scraping anything in his hand against another surface. Why? To create noise, any noise, then his mouth would catch up again.
Don't get me wrong I love the little dude he is everything and more I dreamt for in a little boy. I was clearly very specific in telling the universe about this little man. Perhaps I should have also asked the universe for an apple orchard because it was only when he had one in his gob this past weekend that there was silence whilst he munched his way through then he was good to go for another round.

Now excuse me whilst I go and check on the apple seeds that Cohen so politely and pointedly told us he was going to grow on the weekend. He requests to see if they have grown big *waves hands in the air*.
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