Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Further efforts

I tried calling the ABA today to get some further advice on my re lactating efforts so far. I was halfway through explaining myself when I got cut off and then I couldn't get back through. As I am desperate to give my efforts all I can, it has been frustrating speaking with the ABA as the counsellors I have spoken to have little to no actual experience with assisting mothers with re lactating.

So instead of calling back the ABA I decided to try and contact a lactation consultant here on the Gold Coast. Thankfully I was lucky enough that I picked the right name and got hold of the LC that Karen and Maia had suggested to me - Helen Green. I actually think she is the LC that attended to Cohen and I when we were in hospital. So I had a long chat with her and told her all about our efforts and everything I have been trying to do. She was very impressed with our efforts so far but said that I was at the critical point now where I need to get more of a supply happening or I we are going to lose all our efforts thus far. She has assisted several mothers in re lactating so I feel very happy with her capable hands and guidance.

Helen has advised that I really need to get a higher dose of Motilium which can aid in increasing supply and with that pump, pump, pump. Hopefully that combo with Cohen latching on will help stimulate enough milk production to get things really successfully happening where I can drop formula back slowly. Helen has offered me the use of a hospital breast pump for a week to see if this will assist me. So I will be collecting that on Monday and be getting the run down on everything thing then. In the meantime I have to keep up with our current efforts and start the medication and drink at least 3 litres of water a day to help with milk production. So all of that up until the water is easy done, but I might have my work cut of for me downing 3 litres a day, but I will do it......just better hope I'm not far from the loo until I get use to drinking that much again.

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