Monday, March 21, 2011

Saying hi

Hey everyone, it has been on my mind everyday to try and find some time to do a blog post. Several times I have started, then to have Sarah rise from a nap or Cohen decide that he only needs 40 mins of his nap. Oh well I guess that's the life of a SAHM. Anyways I just thought I would pop in and let you know how we are all getting on. To be honest the last few weeks I have had days of ups and downs adjusting to taking care of two and trying to keep everyone happy. Some days I feel like I am winning and verging on supermumdom and then other days I am in tears asking myself why the hell can't I do this and keep anyone happy. Sarah is a very different baby to what Cohen was, she doesn't feed to sleep like Cohen did. Instead she prefers lots of cuddles, patting, rocking, baby wearing, shhhh'ing or any one of those listed or a combo of all. For the main part I don't mind having a cuddly little gem in Sarah but it's those times when I haven't been able to engage enough with Cohen and he is needing some one on one mummy time that are difficult. In saying that though I have started to feel in the last 4 - 5 days that we are starting to get somewhere with it all. Sarah seems to be falling into some sort of natural pattern of her own. Our biggest challenge though is every night she has a few hours of unsettledness, crying and screaming before going down for the night. Yes I say for the night, she has started to sleep 4 - 6 hours in the evening when she finally goes down. I have a feeling that her cluster feeding and feeding issues with my fast let down and the fact that we are still being challenged by her having oral thrush are the issues that are causing these unsettled hours before bed. Last night I wasn't able to finally settle her and put her down until about 11pm but she slept until 4.45pm, so we all got a fair amount of sleep.

I am really starting to delve into the world of baby wearing and I am actively on the search for other carriers to add to my HAB wrap and ring sling stash. I have only used the wrap twice but want to get more confident with it. I find the wrap is too hot for the weather we have on the GC at the moment. I envisage using it more when the weather cools down and DH and I are out about on the weekends with the kids doing the early morning market and car boot scene. I am heavily relying on my ring sling at the moment for quick trips out to take Co to FDC and when I pick him up. I have used it for hour long stints with Sarah in the heart to heart position when we have popped over to Westfield on the weekend, however by the end of that hour I am starting to feel sore. Just this past weekend I have been playing around with a Mei Tai I have borrowed from Giselle to try out. I really like the Mei Tai and it is rather simple for a beginner like me to tie. I was actually using it on the weekend whilst we were out and about and DH looked at me with Sarah in the Mei Tai with that proud as punch look with love in his eyes and a smile on his face and said: "gee that suits you". It made me so happy he said that and I could tell just in those few words and the way he looked at me and the way his smile took over his whole face that he is also proud of the way I and we are parenting our children.

On to the little mister, big things are happening there. Cohen is currently toilet training in fact he has only been TT since last Monday and he is doing SO well I am SO proud of him. He gets so excited about doing wees on the potty and likes to empty out the potty into the toilet himself. Just yesterday without any big announcement about it, whilst I was busy feeding and DH was in another room Cohen just walked up sat down on his potty and did his first poo on the potty. He ran into the other room where DH was with the potty and surprised the hell out of him......DH was so stoked and I could hear loads of celebrations. Other then the business of TT Cohen is still handling the arrival of Sarah well and loves to kiss and touch her all the time. The touching can get a bit annoying especially when I have put so much effort into settling her at times, but for the main part he is good. I have recently learnt through trial and error and with the aid of a book I am reading "Raising your Spirited Child - a guide for parents whose child is more intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent and energetic" that he is a child who needs to be constantly engage with an activity or people. I am finding my way with it all at the moment but I think once I finish the book I will have further ideas and skills for dealing with his temperament. I have been acutely aware from Cohen's first days that he was going to be a child who would need to parented in a different way. He is such a smart, independent, persistent, energetic and determined little man that it can be exasperating but I don't want his spirit to be broken. I don't want his sweet nature along with these other traits and more to be labelled by other people negatively because they don't see a child who will sit still and not move until spoken to. He is a different child, he is a go getter and harnesses some wonderful and desirable traits that will see him through life......I just want to be able to encourage him to be all that he can be.

As for things on the mummy front, I am doing pretty well aside from my previously mentioned bad days and bad moments. A lot of breastfeeding time with Sarah is spent brainstorming my new plans for My Vintage Vow and how I am going to set up and relaunch the blog shop again. In fact I have engaged the services of a WAHM to do some graphic design for a new logo and blog header and template (I have had a few people who have meant to of been helping me let me down......agrrrrrrr). I have been able to have a few quick jaunts out on the weekends to source some vintage fashion finds and to pick up other supplies as well. Now that things are starting to loosely fall into a routine with Sarah I am starting to be able do a little bit of craft and also re-organise the office and start going through the stock I am accumulating for the business. Overall (and aside from the bad days/moments) I am enjoying all that life has for me at the moment and just staying positive when I have those sleep deprived days telling myself that all this is just for the short term.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Two Timing it!

Sleepy Milky Smiles........gotta love them!

Thought I would drop in for a little chat and let you all know how we are travelling with two little ones in tow now. Sarah is 3 weeks this Thursday and it seems so crazy to think so much has happened and changed in that time. Sarah and I were re-admitted to hospital 24 hours after our initial discharged, we had to iron out some concerns we had with her and feeding and lack of enthusiasm and what appeared to be lethargy. Luckily for all involved what we discovered is that due to my already established milk supply from my continued breastfeeding of Cohen our wee little poppet Sarah isn't having to work hard for a feed. So therefore she doesn't work as vigorously for a feed and in a manner of speaking is getting so much of the "good stuff" so quickly that she would feed for very short periods of time and be blissed out and not bothered by any of our efforts to rouse her.

Anyways fast forward to now and it was only late last week that I dropped the hospitals LC's suggestion of feeding Sarah every 3 hours and waking her. As a result she is falling into to he own natural pattern and I am getting more sleep during the night (most nights) then I originally was. On to all other things that are Sarah and Sarah related matters. She is doing so well and growing and gaining weight quickly. I find myself everyday holding her and marvelling at how perfect she is and how perfectly she makes me feel. She is so beautiful and so healing for me, she is just.........ummm there just aren't words, she just is you know!

Cohen finds Sarah to be an utter marvel and loves to point out her feet, toes, fingers, nose etc. He matches his foot up with hers and looks at the difference in size and then looks at me and says big (referring to his foot being big). Just yesterday I was feeding Sarah perched up in the recliner with my v-pillow and he climb up on to my lap, he kissed Sarah on her bare back a few times sat up and said: "love you my sister"......awww bless his little soul. Overall Cohen is handling Sarah's arrival well, his behaviour has become a little defiant and he is testing boundaries but one can not expect there not to be some change in a toddler until things settle down.

DH stated the feeling here in our house perfectly.......I am loving my little family!
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