Monday, October 31, 2011

A little MIA....

Yes I know I have been a little missing in action, haven't I? Yes I know I had the Blogtoberfest pledge to uphold? Yeah I know I have missed a few days in the last week! Why? Honestly, I have been busy and we have had friends return from overseas and friends arrive from far north Queensland and I also attended a Vintage Fashion and Decor Fair in Brisbane on the weekend. I've just been busy with life. Sarah and Cohen are still both teething and having up and down days.....I swear my two take for ever to teeth.

I guess that's the thing with blogging sometimes, isn't it, it's about living life rather then worrying about where the next post is coming from (if you're that fly by the seat of your pants type of blogger). Of course I had wanted to fulfill the pledge and post every day, but the pledge has taken on a different meaning for me this month. It's forced me to have focus and experiment with my time management with me having my two blogs that I am trying to put equal time and effort into. This month I have learnt things that work for me and things that don't and what I can be doing better. This month I have also made some wonderful friends and contacts and made some very serious goals in regards to my blogging in the next twelve month.
Pic of me on the weekend at the Vintage Fashion and Decor Fair with one of my knew blogging friends.
It's been no secret that I have been wanting to revamp my blog here and that I have hopes and goals and dreams of offering all sorts of wonderful help and support here from my experiences with mummydom, loss, grief, breastfeeding, natural parenting and beyond. I know I have mentioned it a few times now, but I just want to assure you that I'm not an all talk blogger....there is action behind these words. What I can most certainly tell you is that in the new year, Journey to Bliss is locked in for a blog revamp and I can't wait to introduce you to the wonderful person who is helping me.....I am sure you will fall in love with her as I have. Coming into the new year and beyond there is going to be lots of exciting things happening, I hope you're ready and strapped in for this, Journey to Bliss, we're on.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wet nursing....

One of my oldest and dearest friends asked me a favor the other day. The story goes like this my GF and her husband have 5 children, and one of their family members has bought them tickets to a much desired concert they would like to attend. My darling GF has breastfed all her children and shares much in my opinion and desires to provide our children with breast milk.

Sarah's first feed a little over 8 months ago.

I imagine though when you have 5 children it is hard to find someone who is wiling to babysit all the children at the same time. Furthermore that task is probably made more difficult if you still have a baby who is breastfed and are unable to leave expressed breast milk. Not all breastfeeding mothers can express milk, but it is not necessarily an indication to a mothers supply. So it does leave a mother such as my GF in a difficult position if she is not wanting her baby to have formula.

So I am very honored and a wee bit surprised to have been asked by my dear friend if DH and I would be happy to look after their youngest when they attend the concert and if I would be comfortable to breastfeed her daughter. She let me know that it was completely okay if I was uncomfortable with the request. Even though my GF and I have known each other in excess of 25 years, and is like a sister to me I didn't need to deliberate long about giving my answer, with the exception of asking DH if we had anything on for the date in question.

So if it isn't already clear the answer I gave my GF was a firm YES, yes I will do it.

Breastfeeding is often a subject that causes angst for many mothers and opinions and experiences differ. I know the topic of wet nursing is very rarely spoken about, and opinions and reactions regarding the topic may very well cause controversy. But I'm very interested to hear others reactions, opinions and experiences, because at the end of the day if we don't talk about it, we fail to be open to educating ourselves and others further regardless of where we stand with our opinions.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What happened here today....

A few weeks ago a friend posted a funny on their Facebook wall, but I can't for the life of me remember who posted it to track down the source to share it. But it's one of those funnies that is probably doing the rounds, so you may of seen it (if you happen to have an idea of what I'm talking about please leave a comment and link) It's about a mother not doing a single thing around the house all day and the husband coming home to grave but also rather comical scenes but can't find his wife. Kids are naked, taps a running, the front yard looks like a bomb site, food is on the floor, fridge is open, dog drinking out of the toilet and so on you get the picture. Cut the story short he finds her in bed reading a book and asks what the hell happened here today. To which her response is that all those things she does each day, she just didn't do them.

I got a good laugh out of it but it got me thinking just how much we mums and wives do, even when you do have a helpful partner. I know as mums we all have those rare days where we let the kids run a bit feral in some lame attempt to give ourselves a break. But seriously, honestly who are we kidding it's just a bigger mess to clean the next day right?

So my question is could you let the kids truly run feral for the day, good and proper? If not what are you happy to let slide for a day or two in your lame attempt to get a break and hopefully recharge?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Hungry Caterpillar.....

This afternoon I was playing outside with the kids and in true and regular fashion, Cohen started running over to me with a collection of things just for me. This afternoon amongst my treasures he gave me, was a dying hibiscus flower with a little guest.

Hence we now have, a little study of our subject occurring, much to Cohen's delight. However he did tell the caterpillar off for eating my flower though.

We will see how our little observation goes, we've arranged some yummy leaves and petals and we will perhaps need to find a bigger container and some branches if we hope to see this very hungry caterpillar turn into a beautiful butterfly.

Monday, October 24, 2011

We need more family fun...

Since our family fun day outing last week, I have been in thought and in feeling. This little family needs more fun days, we need our Daddy more, I need my love more we just need him more.

Cohen is his daddy's boy through and through, don't get me wrong he is his mummy's boy too but I struggle to get a look in when the afternoons and weekends roll around when hubby is home. Cohen had so much fun having a random day of fun and daddy time on Thursday. He was riding high with excitement and stories only to have hubby go off to track marshall at the GC 600 the next day.

Cohen spent much of the weekend asking for and searching out extra cuddles and kisses and then he would have those moments when I knew something wasn't right. I'd ask him what was wrong and with a slight whimper in the voice each time I heard - I miss my daddy.

Yesterday afternoon when hubby arrived at his parents place (we planned to meet there and have a family dinner with them), I could tell hubby was visibly stressed. He was involved in a major incident on his point during the race. Several reports, questionings and briefings had him having a gut full of it all after three 12 plus hour days on track. All whilst he knew his little boy was missing him and wanting him home soon.....or like Cohen kept putting it - daddy home two minutes, bless him.

Speaking further with hubby today about Cohen and our family fun day and the lack of time he has off from work, I felt free to speak more openly about how I feel about all this too. I told him that I know he runs a business with his father but it sucks that he just never manages to have blocks of holiday time with us as all as a family. He knows and feels it too, the stress and the pull of needing to work and wanting to be here with us. It sucks that the week I was home from hospital when Sarah was born, he was meant to have off. But because of staff problems I was left recovering from a c-section, trying to breastfeed and run after a not quite two year old at that point.

Daddy with the kids when Sarah was a week old.

Furthermore to his excessive work/business commitments Sarah isn't confident for long periods with anyone but me, so my downtime is near non-existent. I do get a Sunday morning break for all if 40 mins at our local coffee shop. I'm up gone and back by 7.30am at the latest.

In all honest how does everyone else do it, how do you balance these issues? How much family time do you really get together? Do you really have any proper downtime for yourself?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I know what I wish for.....

Innocence, bliss, joy and my boys wishes and dreams to come true.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Leading the discussion group...

Today was the day for me to lead the discussion group for our ABA meeting The topic of discussion being Toddler and Baby.

Well before I tell you how that all went I should tell you about the journey to even get to the meeting this morning. Right up until the very last minute to get out of the house this morning I was feeding Sarah and then it was a rush to get the last few things together and Cohen to family day care. As always when in a rush, I had to shoot back pass home because I had forgotten a few things.

Finally sorted and Sarah and I were on our way and two streets away from entering the major roundabout to head to our meeting venue, when I heard spluttering. No, not from the car, but from Sarah she was having a choke on her snack. I'm not one to stress or jump in at a little choke, that is easily cleared and managed by the child's natural reflexes. But this wasn't a little choke this was a big choke, getting distressed, trying to spew choke. Which saw me having to veer off to the side of the road at a funny angle, and run around the car and rip her out of her car seat to assist her. The poor poppet was rather shaken up and kept putting her head on my chest whimpering.

When she settled enough I got her strapped back in and headed to the corner shop near our meeting venue. Sarah was still whimpering so I got the carrier on and walked around for half an hour and grabbed milk, coffee and snacks for our ABA group. Thankfully by the time we got to our meeting venue Sarah had settled right down, so I could think about the task of leading our discussion group.

So how did that go you ask? Hmmmm well I think it went well enough. We only had three other mums attend today. I didn't have any nerves about speaking, but I do feel I did talk people's heads off though. At the end of the day it was a good experience considering I want to start studies soon. To that point I am also tossing up doing counsellor studies or community educator studies......decisions. At the end day the point of today and this post is to say I did it, I survived, now I'm tired and exhausted. It has been a full on day with countless trips in the car and hubby only got in an hour ago from the track. I'm going to retire for the night soon and in the meantime I will gently ponder my decisions with my studies.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Family Fun Day...

We have had a wonderful day having daddy off work for the day before he heads off to the V8 GC600. The start to the morning was met with excitement and anticipation. We asked Cohen what day it was and he kept saying Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Funday yay!

We headed to Timezone where hubby's brother runs and owns the contract for the dodgem cars. So we were incredibly fortunate that he was able to hook us up a whole morning of free fun.....and there were even prizes for everyone at the end.

After a few hours of hyped up fun we were hungry so a bite to eat was in order. Now I know we are on Buy Nothing New month and a meal out is probably a breech of my pledge. But in our defence this meal was factored into our meal plan for our fortnightly food hopefully I am forgiven on that.

After a bite to eat a trip across the road to the beach was in order, where Cohen promptly fell into the sand to do sand angels much to the amusement of onlookers.

A sign of a good day wouldn't you say, a zonked out little man clutching one of his prizes.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Family fun day tomorrow....

Just a short post tonight. There is an air of excitement at our house tonight because my love

yes this man, is having a day off before he will be working as a track marshall at the V8's for three days. He has been working very hard and he has had next to no time off this year. So in the morning we are packing up the kids heading off for all sorts of fun and touristy silliness.

When hubby walked through the door tonight Cohen was yelling family fun day daddy, so clearly we are all a buzz. I hope to catch some nice snaps tomorrow and share with you our day that was.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Toddler and babe teething....

Interesting day here Cohen had about four wake ups last night, the remainder of his pesky molars are cutting through and they look like their launching a viscous assault on his gums.....I don't envy him, but I do feel for him.

As for Sarah she was non-stop crying this morning once we were out of bed, and when she finally let me have a look in her mouth I got my answer. Her two bottom teeth are trying to cut, she hasn't cut any teeth to date so she is under assault too.

So the kids have been tag teaming it in the needy stakes today. At one point I even caught Cohen trying to take ten in his bed after being sent to his room to play quietly and simmer down after a prior incident with his behavior. When I asked if he was ok he said he was tired and his bottom hurt.....poor thing that's under attack too with his teething. So I offered to put some cream on his bottom and a nappy if he wanted to rest to which he said he would like to. Once changed he just wanted to lay in the comfort of his bed with me pottering in and out from the kitchen whilst he talked to Sarah when she'd crawl in for a visit.

I caught these few pics but as you can see by the time I was done in the kitchen he was getting his cheeky grin back.

You know a kid is teething when they're trying to shove their fingers in their mouth as far as they will go.

Sarah there's birds out there.

Mummy see, see there birds.

Ok maybe not his cheekiest grin, because he was telling his buddy Joel to smile.

How have your troops handled teething and how has mummy coped. I tell you o e thing though it was one of those days I didn't get out of my PJ's. So when hubby got home I headed off for a rare shower by myself.

Monday, October 17, 2011

You want me to do what?

Do you remember me telling you in a post a month back that my ABA group leaders and counsellors approached me about leading our discussion group for our next meeting....which is in fact this Friday? Well I just got an email from one of the leaders to tell me that the trainee I was meant to lead the discussion group with may not be attending due to her Nanna passing away and the funeral being some time this week. In the same email she mentioned to me that she also won't be attending because she is now going to this years ABA conference. Furthermore another counsellor may not be able to attend and the only counsellor who will be there will have four children in tow.

So I have been asked if I will lead the group myself with the only counsellor in attendance this meeting wrangling four kids. With the topic being "Managing Toddler and Baby".
So tell me:

I'm currently going through the process with paperwork to start my studies to become a counsellor (truth be told I'm wondering if I should take the path of community educator). So this is somewhat of a daunting task to be undertaking Friday. I'm not scared of talking in front of others, I rarely feel that way. I'm nervous though about making sure I reference appropriate material and I can keep the meeting on track.

Please wish me luck.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Busy, crazy weekend and changes.....

Wow it's been a very busy and crazy weekend and I have been flying by the seat of my pants with my posts here and over at My Vintage Vow. But nonetheless posts have been done and Blogtoberfest is in tact.

Saturday saw us at swimming lessons, grocery shopping, rearranging our office/creative space, get sorted for our garage sale, be interrupted by a serious thunderstorm and hail just to list a few things.

Today saw us up at 5am to set up for our garage sale and then a mad rush to get to a friends 3 year olds birthday party. Where we had to run constant interference with Cohen because there was so much junk food laid out......I shall not rant about that now, I'm too tired. The kids had a good time......

Back home again after 2 hours for Cohen's nap as he had been up from 5am. More office rearranging.....still more to go mind you. Then visitors this afternoon so DH could help set up their new lap tops.

Kids are now in bed, Cohen is back to FDC tomorrow after a month off because his day care mum has been on holiday. It has been great having him home, but he is eager to be seeing his friends. So I best be on my way once again to get things ready for the morning and perhaps fit in more organising of the office in before bed. I would really like to use my down time tomorrow when Sarah is napping to get all my crafting done for my swap......which I will fill you in on in more detail some time next week.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Daddy time....

Every Saturday morning Cohen has swimming lessons with Daddy, it's their thing. Since you all rarely get to see a glimpse of Daddy and son together I thought I would show you this picture I took this morning.

The pic has turned out a little funny because it's indoors and the pool is heated and Cohen's lesson is at 7.30am so it's rather muggy inside.

Cohen's doing so well with his lessons and he has so much fun. In a months time Sarah will be able to start lessons and Daddy intends on that being his special time with his little girl as well. I will be the designated dryer, dresser, holder of things that are wet, child in waiting for the turn wrangler. I'm looking forward to it, to tell you a secret I love watching all the daddy's with their kids on a Saturday morning it's a special time. It is often the daddy's who are working full time and missing out on one on one time with their little ones and it's so nice to see all the kids smiling on a Saturday morning having that time with their daddy's.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Between the showers....

It was showering on and off here today and Cohen has been desperate to do some gardening. So thankfully during a weather break this morning we got outside for a little bit. Last weekend you might remember I visited my Nan and I got some cuttings. Well finally today I, with Cohen's help finally had a chance to get them in soil. I should add that my interim plan of having them sit on a wet tea towel in a tray has worked well, they even sprouted a little more.

So here is a little snap shot of our morning. The cuttings are all in these small vessels at the moment. If they establish themselves well, they will be transferred to the retaining wall for my fairy wonderland that I am hoping will be a success. I should add with it being Buy Nothing New month these three vessels are all thrifted. In the pic you will be able make out Cohen in the background he loves to purvey his garden and gnomes from his bedroom window.

In between our gardening and a light shower we ducked inside for a snack.....hence Sarah and a grubby face with Vegemite.

Finally an update pic on the veggie garden......the Co's lettuce is going gang busters so I think there might be the odd caesar salad on the menu this week.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

How they see things...

Yesterday afternoon I was having a play with the kids in the yard and I had my camera out. I was rolling around in the grass with them, I was down on their level. Then I thought about trying to capture some photos of how Sarah must see and view things. Some of the pics are a bit blurry but I really adore them.

I just love how I have captured what was taking her interest, mostly from her point of view. Oh to be a kid again and view such things with simplicity. You know, when you get down on kids eye level as an adult things really do seem lot more fun.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New sleeping arrangement...

As you've probably read before we've had no end of sleeping problems with Sarah. We had never intended on co-sleeping with Sarah but out sheer exhaustion it happened, because breastfeeding laying down in the middle if the night is so much easier. Not only can I catch a few zzzz's but its saves my back and neck from falling asleep in funny positions from sitting up.

To be honest hubby isn't a fan of us co-sleeping, he has his own opinions on the matter. But he has conceded we are doing what we need to do survive with some sleep and sanity. One of his biggest complaints up until recently is that we are both big people....hubby is 6ft and I am a good 5ft8" and there isn't enough room for us and Sarah. Hubby has spent many a night sleeping on the edge of the bed.

So I offered up the solution of side carring the cot to our bed, to free up bed space for us and also as a way of transitioning Sarah into settling more on her own sleep surface.

Happily hubby agreed that side carring the cot could make for a great compromise to our arrangement. So after doing a little more research on how to effectively side car a cot to the bed, we made the transition a few weekends ago.

We are all so much more happier for more space to spread out properly for proper restful sleep. At the kids day time nap, I can lay down to feed her with her laying on her mattress and I will often do some blog reading during this time (yes that's why my iPad was in the pic above).

So just before I sign off I just want to add a note and a bit of a disclosure about co-sleeping and bedsharing. It's not for everyone, but if you feel that it is an option you would like to entertain. I can only suggest that you do your research on the benefits and safety measures one should consider in setting up this arrangement. At the end of the day you know your baby best and you know what is going to work for them and your family arrangement.

I'd be very interested to hear from others who have co-slept or bed shared side caring it and how it worked for you, you baby and family dynamic.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vision is everything....

I put together this vision board last year after suffering my second and third miscarriages. I was looking for hope, for positivity and way of releasing my sadness into some positive universal energy.

You may think looking at this board that I was hoping for a little girl. But that wasn't necessarily the case I just wanted a happy, healthy baby I just didn't want another loss because it wears you down. All I knew in my heart putting together this board is that I had to heal myself of the concept of having lost to little girls in Elle and Meg. I had to allow my soul and spirit to heal and be open to receiving a baby girl, then maybe, just maybe I wouldn't suffer yet another miscarriage to make it three in a row for the year and four all up in my child rearing history to date.

I found the vision board today and in the haze of Sarah, and the last 7 odd months I hadn't realised it had fallen behind the drawers in our walk in robe. But to come by it today and see it and study it and to look at what I have in my sweet girl.....I am blessed, vision and hope are wonderful, vision and hope are necessary.

Sarah brings challenges to my day being her unique self, she doesn't sleep through the night and feeds every two to three hours at night, she needs closeness, she is determined beyond all my possible thought and she is strong, she is a fighter.....and aren't I glad she picked me to be her mummy.....goodness me I love her.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Not even a snapshot today...

Mondays are often the day the kids and I can still be found in our pj's until lunch, heck even still at dinner time we can be found like that some Mondays. At the start of the week I like to try and get on top of all those little things I didn't manage to on the weekend. Today saw many a job get started, but nothing completed. As I type this post I am breastfeeding Sarah, wet laundry is in the machine, the garage is a mess from efforts to organize stuff, toys are everywhere, folding needs to be done, I'm tired from last nights feedathon and DH isn't well.

The internal debate is to stay home tomorrow and get on top of everything or leave it all behind and head out in the morning with kids for an adventure.

Sorry no snapshot today.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nanna comes to the rescue...

I mentioned yesterday that I left my Nanna's house with some clippings and I hoped we would be getting our hands a little dirty today potting them. I haven't been able to have a chance today amongst other going ons and Sarah being clingy to get them in soil, so it is on the back burner for this week as I suspect Sarah may be starting to teeth.

However one thing I did do today when I was out at the clothes line was check our retaining wall, and all the plants I have put in for the fairy wonderland. Sadly all the plants except the bromeliads have died, but at least we have something to work with. Then the thought dawned on me, that if I can get the succulent cuttings to take from my Nan, the fairy wonderland may have more hope.

So until I get a chance over the next few days to get them in the ground I have moistened a tea towel in a tray and laid the clippings down, Nan gave me the impression that this would be more the suitable for succulents!?!?

Here is a pic of what I got from Nan, I do hope they take off and the fairy wonderland looks more hopeful again.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rainy day car trip...

Just a short and sweet one today, with a snapshot. It's been a long day after heading off on a rainy day car trip to see my Nanna. I needed to see her and wrap my arms around her and let her know I love her. It's been a long month since my Aunts passing. We had a lovely morning visiting and after a morning of go go, go, go from Cohen and incessant talking to boot this is what we got for the trip home.

We have two little projects for tomorrow thanks to my Nan. We have some crafting with pine cones thanks to Nan's tree dropping natural crafty treasures. We will also be getting our hands a little dirty potting some succulent clippings we got from Nan. It's funny nearly every memory have of visiting my Nan as a child or adult I have nearly always left with clippings of plants or posies of flowers.......what beautiful memories to have.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Cloth nappy way...

I am surprised about the number of enquiries I am getting from friends and acquaintances about modern cloth nappies and cloth nappying in general lately. Then again perhaps I shouldn't be surprised as many families are becoming more aware of the benefits of going the cloth nappy way.

Long time followers will now that when Cohen was a baby I wanted to do cloth full time and the only thing I knew that existed were the old style terry flats and pilchers. My start into cloth wasn't what I hoped but I at least was a shaky part timer with terry flats and disposable nappies, until I was introduced to the world of MCN's (modern cloth nappies). Once I started to learn about MCN's it honestly changed my life.......seriously it did.

Top left and Bottom left- Cohen in multi-fit style nappy, Top Right - Cohen a traditional terry square.....they get plenty of use around here still, Bottom right - Sarah, just days old we did cloth from the very first nappy in really is easy.

So what would one need to know about cloth nappying and MCN's, if one was interested. Well there is so much I can tell you and there are so many options available that the best way for me to tackle a lot of questions is giving you some practical on line resources and sites to check out.

* Australian Nappy Network Is a wealth of information and this link will give you some figures on the cloth V's disposable debate. On the same page there is a downloadable brochure that will assist you in learning more about some of the different styles of MCN's.

* My Green Nappy once again is a wonderful resource and can put you in the right direction of some brands to look at, mind you there are many more brands on the market, so it is always good to pop into a forum and speak with mummas who are cloth napping day in day out. It great to hear what they are using and what works for them and their babies. So the best place I have discovered to check out is Nappycino.

At the end the day the choices and options are vast, so if you're interested in cloth nappying and learning more about MCN's, I suggest it's best to do some research. After a bit of research and information, make sure you ask questions and get them answered. You can always pop back here and I will do my best to help, or pop into a forum and be answered by a group of supportive and helpful mummas.

I hope this helps you on the start to your cloth nappying journey. As I get a chance I will start posting more information and pictures that may be useful to you.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

PJ's, Leftovers and Rainy Days....

It's one of those days. Every mum knows what I mean when I say those few words. Cohen has one of his other pesky 2 year old molars trying to cut through at the moment, so he is running a bit wacky at the moment, with the threat of temps which I have to keep an eye on. So somewhere in between his craziness and a visit from my parents this morning and breastfeeding none of us have managed to get out of our PJ's today.

But today I am thankful for....

Leftover pumpkin and zucchini savory pancakes and salad, added a few pieces of cheese and pear cheek and lunch was sorted.

A determined little miss who much prefers to feed herself, good thing I guess that she has responded well to baby led solids and finger foods.

But I will be even more thankful for some of this later on...

That's right.....SLEEP.

But there is rarely rest for the wicked. So I am just grateful that I am a SAHM mum because it's the only job I can turn up to in my PJ's, my hair unbrushed, teeth not brushed with scrounged together leftovers for lunch.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I've got to do my job...

I've got to do my job are frequently the words you hear at our place these days. About a month ago Cohen randomly announced he wanted to feed Jada.

Excuse the old pic, but Jada is not in a snap happy mood today, for an updated one.

With Cohen's announcement that he wanted to feed Jada it has now been adopted as his daily job. The dog food is easily accessed by him in the pantry in a container with a scoop. He gets a thrill out of Jada coming and eating the food he has put out for her. He often stands there talking to her once she has started to eat, asking her if she likes it.

With Cohen's ever growing interest in cooking and helping in the kitchen, we have also graduated to him helping set the table for dinner in a simple fashion. Once he has set the table I have been setting him up with drawing at the table, whilst I get together the remainder of dinner. Generally by the time we have got all that done daddy has a special little something at his place setting and daddy most days is moments away from walking in the door.

Daddy is getting quite a collection of daily pictures. I think I might have to start a special scrapbook just for him. It gives Cohen such a thrill to be doing this for daddy each day and seeing his reaction.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Morning world.......a glimpse into my mornings.

My days always start with hellos, cuddles, kisses and love......this is my favorite part of my morning.

Excuse the fuzzy second pic, Cohen was yelling to the camera "Good Morning World". So many more of us could do with a lovely start to our day like this and a good old belly yell that says good morning world I'm ready for my day.

I hope your day has bought some sweet snap shots.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Buy Nothing New, off to a good start...

The weekend saw the start to pledge of Buying Nothing New month, and I'd like to say I am off to a good start and have added to my wardrobe and it cost me nothing. My very dear and ever so sweet girlfriend has been having a wardrobe clear out, and it certainly helps that she is one stylish mumma. I went through her collection and pulled out a few numbers that I thought would fill the gaps in my wardrobe where I am currently lacking. I didn't take a lot of pieces but of the pieces I took a few will work will with my existing wardrobe and my much loved vintage pieces.

This was yesterday's run around get things done outfit.......and of course none of it is new, but it is all gifted and thrifted.

Now in other Buy Nothing New news, I failed to remember that when I took the pledge that I would be in the middle of trying to put together a swap package. I'm a member of an online cloth nappy forum and each month we generally have a swap running. This month it's a fill an envelope swap, I need to fill one of those pre-paid A4 sized envelopes that can weigh up to 500g, but no thicker then 20ml. All the participants usually fill out a questionnaire to help others work out what to send them and to ensure they aren't gifted with things that could cause allergies etc. I think I am going to find this little bump in my Buy Nothing New journey a bit of a challenge to provide my partner with suitable things for her lifestyle. I have a few ideas but I am well away from having the envelope filled with goodies. I think I might be dropping back in here with this adventure.......I may need some help brainstorming some other ideas. Anyways I will keep you posted.

Finally if you've joined the Buy Nothing Challenge leave me a comment and share with us how your first few days have been.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I only learnt of Blogtoberfest last night through We Like to Make Stuff and I have been struck by sheer madness and have signed up both of my blogs for this year. Cathy at Tinniegirl is hosting Blogtoberfest.

I have jumped on board for a variety of reasons, to help me get in the the groove of posting everyday, to encourage myself to find unique and creative ways of sharing tid bits and news with you as well as sharing more of myself with you as well. It's just the right on line gathering and community activity for me to be apart of, and certainly after the last couple of weeks and the personal low and highlights we have had on the home front it will help me get back into the swing of things.

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