Monday, February 27, 2012

Snack boxes....

If you have a nearly three year old like I do, you perhaps have a little one who is an eating machine. Many of the battles and tantrums in this house have been a result of battles about food.

So it's just been in the last week I have been inspired to get into gear with putting together all day snack and lunch boxes. I've played around with bento style lunches before, and its been on my mind to try and do all day snack boxes. But just the other week I got that kick in the pants to do it when I came across Learn With Play at Home a new blog and Facebook page, where Deb has been showing all day snack boxes she has been putting together for her daughter. After a little chat back and forth on her Facebook page, and assurance that it has worked out extremely well with her daughter. I thought that's it, I must do it and stop talking about it.

Here are some snack boxes I've done in the last week.

Above in the large box is Vegemite and cheese bread pinwheels, natural yoghurt with homemade toasted muesli topping, veggie muffin and red globe grapes. In the smaller box we have grape tomatoes and cheese squares on food picks, green beans and sultanas and finally a small serve of pretzels.

Above in the large box is chicken and veggie fried rice, red globe grapes with apple and a small cracker and sultanas, in the blue container that is custard and rice (no sugar instead used vanilla and cinnamon to help with sweetness). In the smaller green box there is watermelon, cucumber sticks and a small serve of pretzels.

Now before you ask, yes he eats it all. I know it's astounding he isn't even 3 year yet and he eats us out of house and home. But seriously he is a happy healthy boy. You can see why now with a boy who eats so much why I have found the snack boxes so successful.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

One year old play - Sorting....

Over time I have found in online baby/parenting forums that a question that pops up from time to time is what sort of activities can you do with a one year old. One thing I can tell you for sure is there would barely be a one year old around who doesn't like pulling things out of one place and putting them in's kind of what one years old do.

I know because Sarah turned one last week and this has been her thing to do for awhile now, as was the same with her brother at that age. However to direct her away from getting into things I don't want her getting into like the DVD drawers, I've been arranging some child friendly distractions that play to these one year old antics.

Sitting at the table taking play animals from one bowl and placing it in another whilst her brother is drawing at the table. Keeps her out of the pencils, markers and crayons and allows Cohen to have his own activity.

Inside on a rainy day all you need is some bowls, baskets and pegs, they kind of just make their own fun.

There is so much more you can do in this vain of entertainment for your child like a small old handbag filled with safe odds and ends your little one can pull out and explore. They will love going through the bag taking different things out and putting different things in and carrying it about.

What do you or what did you do with your one year olds for play and entertainment?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weaning Weeps and Woes....

It was just last week that I posted about my recent decision to wean Cohen and to night wean Sarah. Well things have been a bit of a slog here, Cohen is handling things as well as I had expected. In the lead up to the decision to wean him he has been having minimal boobie throughout the day or every other day. He has easily (well easily enough most of the time) been happy with the trade off of other time spent with him or cuddles in lieu of boobie.

But I would be lying if I didn't tell you that there has been tears.......from me and from DH if you believe it. My tears are those mothers tears, the ones that are sad for the end of journey, the ones that question if I have done the right thing, the ones that are from a primal place that you can't really put into words. DH's tears have just been a welling in the eyes of a proud man and all that he feels I have done and all the hard work I put in through relactating, miscarriages, pregnancies and tandem feeding to give Cohen all that have (or as it is now, that I could give).

The above pic was taken way back when the re lactation process had succeeded.

Sarah's night weaning is going as well as one could expect, she is still waking during the night but is easily settled back to sleep within 10 mins without a feed, but around 2am is a little tricky and Cohen is going through bouts of night waking again with wet nappies.To be honest at the moment I'm more exhausted then ever with all these changes occurring. Along with night weaning with Sarah we are also slowly trying to transition her to her free standing cot rather than be co-sleeping side car with us. She is doing well but it's as they say baby steps at the moment. She is still feeding throughout the day and early morning, and at this stage in this frame of mind I intend to keep feeding through another pregnancy when it happens. But of course we will have to wait and see and see how things develop and progress, both with Sarah's desires to feed and mine. As a dear, sweet, wise friend reminded me the other day, that the breastfeeding relationship between mother and child is exactly that a "relationship" and mother and baby both need to be happy.

How have you emotionally handled your weaning journeys?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day - Day 11

Today's word(s) were: make you happy.

To see my mummy's girl crashed out with her daddy for some extra zzzz's makes me happy to capture these moments.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day - Day 10

Today's word(s): Self Portrait

Dn convinced me to use a little trickery for this one.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day - Day 9....

Today's word(s): Front Door
This wasn't the pic I was planning to post, but inspiration and the moment struck when we heard daddy's van pull in for an early afternoon finish today......yay.

To have daddy home with an early finish really is a simple pleasure.

Childhood Fantasy Bucket List.....

I posted on my Facebook wall the other day that I was spending the afternoon drawing with Cohen and thinking of things that I always wanted to do as a kid but never got around to doing or got the chance to have.

Like for me I have always wanted to complete a whole colouring-in book by perfectly colouring in every page. I always wanted a My Child Doll but never had one, due to family finances always being a struggle. Growing up I wanted to be in a cartoon, cartoon land look so much fun. Painting a mural on my bedroom wall would have been fun too, but alas living in a poor family renting from the housing commission that was never going to happen.

So heading towards my mid-thirties now I figure it's high time I make some of these fantasies and dreams come true. So I have set myself the task of developing my Childhood Fantasy Bucket List and to get busy trying to tick some of it off.

I am so curious to hear what others have on that Childhood Bucket List, come on share it with me, or post about it and let me know I would love to see what others have got on their list. Just remember it's those crazy, silly things that are on that list with your inner child, not adult dreams.

Well I best be going and get the rest of my list finished.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Making hard decisions......weaning.

I have been a little quite on the posting front with personal matters recently. Although life is pretty peach keen, I've been struggling with some personal matters that impact the kids. The truth of it is that I have been struggling with breastfeeding. Don't get me wrong supply is still good, it's a combination of things that have got me making weaning decisions. Cohen is still feeding and requesting boobie and Sarah is still very much a mummies girl, feeding frequently and through the night and sleeping with us.

As for my health at the moment emotionally things are pretty under control with my PTSD, but I'm having issues controlling some other triggers and lack of sleep impedes on stress disorders like Post Traumatic Stress. Then there is my physical health, primarily we're talking about my weight. Being already slim by nature doesn't help this situation, but I have been teetering close to my lowest weight on and off for months now. I have been doing everything I can to put weight on and keep it on, but with two children breastfeeding it continues to impact me and I'm seriously underweight at present.

Although I am generally someone to embrace my body, faults and all when it comes to my weight and overall wellness it's fair to say I don't like being so underweight and how it makes me feel. So with all these factors being considered I have made the decision to wean Cohen and to night wean Sarah as I'm not ready to end our breastfeeding journey completely. It's also no secret that DH and I would like to try for another baby later this year, but I really need to get some of weight and physical strength and health back.

I am of course dealing with feelings of being a hypocritical after relactating for Cohen and saying I would never make the decision to wean him again and that it would be his decision. But having been through so many emotional journeys in the last 3 - 4years I know how important my mental health plays into being good mum. I'm grieving this process and struggling with wether or not I'm doing the right thing by the kids.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day - Day 7

Yes I have been missing for a few days, I got distracted with the weekend and enjoying a day trip to Brisbane. But instead of skipping out on the rest of the challenge here I am back on deck.

Today's word is BUTTON

Little fingers have found this button much to Sarah's amusement but not mine with the dial also being tweaked and dishes not getting cleaned properly.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Savoury Leftover Pancakes....

One of the posts that gets a lot views here is surprisingly simple pancake recipe. I called upon this basic recipe just the other day to stretch out our pantry and fridge to get to our grocery shopping day.

So I rustled up some savoury leftover pancakes with silverside and grated carrot and zucchini.

All dished up for mummy and kids, with other random bits and pieces from the fridge and pantry.

I served mine up with some caramelised onion relish, with a side of cheese, celery and honey dew melon......yes it might be random, but gee it was yum.

Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day - Day 3

Today it's all about HANDS.

Tired, sleepy, pudgy, baby hands.......*sigh*


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day - Day 2

Today's is: WORDS

Words to take in, during a quiet moment reading.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day - February Day 1

I've decided to take part in Fat Mum Slim photo a day challenge this month.

With an unhappy, tired, teething little girl this is a lot of my view today.

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