Monday, February 27, 2012

Snack boxes....

If you have a nearly three year old like I do, you perhaps have a little one who is an eating machine. Many of the battles and tantrums in this house have been a result of battles about food.

So it's just been in the last week I have been inspired to get into gear with putting together all day snack and lunch boxes. I've played around with bento style lunches before, and its been on my mind to try and do all day snack boxes. But just the other week I got that kick in the pants to do it when I came across Learn With Play at Home a new blog and Facebook page, where Deb has been showing all day snack boxes she has been putting together for her daughter. After a little chat back and forth on her Facebook page, and assurance that it has worked out extremely well with her daughter. I thought that's it, I must do it and stop talking about it.

Here are some snack boxes I've done in the last week.

Above in the large box is Vegemite and cheese bread pinwheels, natural yoghurt with homemade toasted muesli topping, veggie muffin and red globe grapes. In the smaller box we have grape tomatoes and cheese squares on food picks, green beans and sultanas and finally a small serve of pretzels.

Above in the large box is chicken and veggie fried rice, red globe grapes with apple and a small cracker and sultanas, in the blue container that is custard and rice (no sugar instead used vanilla and cinnamon to help with sweetness). In the smaller green box there is watermelon, cucumber sticks and a small serve of pretzels.

Now before you ask, yes he eats it all. I know it's astounding he isn't even 3 year yet and he eats us out of house and home. But seriously he is a happy healthy boy. You can see why now with a boy who eats so much why I have found the snack boxes so successful.


  1. They look great...what a fab mum! Unfortunately nothing will make one of my twins eat anything different!!

  2. Thank you! So kind of you to reference me and I'm so glad it's worked for you! Look forward to following your blog. Debs :)

  3. Shared this great healthy idea on facebook with a teachers request "Can you help Eliza? She asks: I am looking at developing a project around healthy eating and was wondering whether you have seen any different types of displays.There seems to be more and more "sometimes" and packaged foods being included in the children's lunchboxes so i would love to find a great way to document it's importance and display it for the families. Any ideas or websites would be appreciated. Thank you :)"

  4. Just thought I'd let you know that I've finally gotten around to putting up my post on the "snackboxes." You can see it here:

    Hope you're still having success :)


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