Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just words for a sweet girl....

Today's post is a personal message of love going out there. As I tap away at my keyboard surgeons are amidst day long surgery on a dear friends daughters brain. You see it was about a year go now that Little A (I shall call her here) had a massive seizure at day care, after many tests, scans and further investigation the diagnosis was Rasmussen Syndrome. If you have clicked on the link it described better than I ever could what this syndrome does to a child, it's serious and it's very serious in this case for Little A. Today, the day after her mothers birthday, Little A is having a hemispherectomy, which means that by the end of most peoples working day Little A will have half her brain removed.

For today and for those you will read this, please send some love out into the universe today. Please join me in the hope that surgeons are rested with calm and collected minds and steady hands today as the work upon our dear friends little ones brain. And for those of you who also face difficult times and days ahead I too am sending love out into the universe you too.

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  1. What a massive surgery for a little girl to endure.
    I'll pray for smooth recovery and healing for little A.


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