Friday, May 18, 2012

An evening of big changes and firsts ahead......

Tonight will hopefully mark some bittersweet milestones in our house. Cohen will venture into the no nappy at night territory. He has been sleeping with no nappy at nap times for ages and he has been keeping his night nappy dry for ages, so it's time. The difficult thing is Cohen doesn't like changes to himself or his environment and it takes a build up of conversations and negotiations to have him realise everything will be ok. So we've struck a deal and hopefully tonight we pull it off.

The other milestone we face tonight is the transition for Sarah to her own room. As many of you know we have and still do co-sleep to a certain degree, we've bed-shared with her cot side car to our bed. But for some time now her cot has been on another wall of our room. Her sleep is on the improve and we've found a very gentle settling technique that works for her. She's on the cusp of change herself, but we go into it cautiously. She will likely still be bed sharing with us in the early hours of the morning, but that's ok with us.
Sneaky Peak of Sarah's room
As much as Ben and I follow many attachment parenting ways, we moderate it to work for us, all of us. We believe in our family not only do the kids need to be happy but so do we. So tonight is a big day in this house, I don't know if I will sleep all that well tonight with an ear open to attend to any disturbances......if there are any. But one thing I'm sure I will feel is those little twinges of sadness that one phase is over and new one begins.
My babies are growing up *sigh*.

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  1. Hope the changes are all going well trudie.

    I am looking forward (with egar and nerves) to the day we cross this path with my miss 2. But that wont be till we rectify our living arrangements.


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