Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Additives and preservatives, we're all at risk.....

So you might of caught my mentions about a lifestyle change of sorts happening here. If you didn't catch this mention you can read about the why's and so forth here. I've known about the risks and affects of certain food additives and preservatives for several years now. I've always tried to make a conscious effort to cook from scratch where and when I can, but I'm no super women.

Recently when I've been mentioning our decision to do the Failsafe elimination the responses have been varied amongst family and friends. Many people have tried to convince me that the behaviours that Cohen displays at times are just normal, normal three year old antics. I wholeheartedly disagree, I think in a world so full of processed and fast food and convenience options to help you in the kitchen, we are all on a additive and preservative overload these days.
Additives and preservatives are added to foods to extend their shelf life, make them tastier, more visually appealing through colour and so on. All of that comes at a risk to us and our children, so now people unknowingly accept that spikes in negative and problem behaviours in their children are normal. I'll tell you there is nothing normal about a child running around speaking in tongues, squealing and running no stop all afternoon without getting puffed and being aggressive. I know my boy, I know how sweet and funny he is when he isn't affected, so therefore in my opinion said negative behaviours are not normal.
Some of my recent doubters have been in the family, but when I got a call from my mum recently to explain that Today Tonight ran a segment on this subject featuring Sue Dengate from the Fed Up (Food Intolerance Network), her thought process and support seemed to of shifted. Perhaps it's because it was a source bringing this subject in the mainstream consciousness, but nonetheless I'm not complaining.
Here is a link to watch the Today Tonight segament.
Here is another interesting account from a family in an article.

If you're experiencing problem behaviours in your children and or you have on going health concerns and niggles, maybe it's worth considering preservatives and additives and even other things that occur naturally in some foods. I hope the links are useful to those wanting to hear and learn more. I'm also very interested to hear others journeys down this road, or if it's something you've been considering doing.

Disclaimer: I know I am banging on about Fed Up and Failsafe, but this is on no way a sponsored post nor have previous posts been. This is all about our journey to find answers. I hope it helps those seeking answers too.

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