Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Loving the Library: First Concepts Books......

Finding a heading for this weeks post was difficult in as much as today I want to talk about a book series as a whole. It is a series that we have found useful for young readers between one to three years of age learning some first concepts like toilet training, eating, sleep.

These books are:

On Your Potty
Eat Your Dinner
Be Gentle
Get Into Bed
Author and Illustrator: Virginia Miller

These stories use the teaching moments in a toddlers life and the likely conversations many families would have with their emerging toddler through these times to speak to and teach the child.

With warmth, familiarity and visual illustrations you follow Bartholomew (Ba) and his father George attempts at teaching a toddler self care issues.

What's great about this series:
We have used all four of these books at different times with both of our children so far, to help them relate what we are encouraging and trying to teach them. They have been very affective in having the kids understand what is expected of them in these self care situations with love and affection.

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