Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Loving the Library: Special Needs Services.....

Although we have never needed the use of a Special Needs Library, Loving the Library wouldn't be Loving the Library without giving credit and mention to such services in the community, that are helping both children and adults. Knowing and seeing the difference that such services has made to people in our lives, who have needed them over the years, certainly qualifies it to be something to be loving the library for, wouldn't you say?

These days amongst many councils and community groups throughout Australia there are Special Needs Libraries established to help with development and rehabilitation of adults and children either with disabilities or special needs, with a vast collection of resources and equipment and even toys on offer to borrow.

Generally these services allow any person with a disability, or their legal guardian or carer to be a member. Membership to Special Needs Libraries will often require a referral from a therapist or other appropriate professional.

These services are often invaluable to those requiring them, with many individuals and families facing financial struggles with health and or disability concerns and medical expenses. Special Needs library allow those who need them to access resources and equipment for enrichment, enjoyment and rehabilitation that could otherwise be quite costly if they had to outlay funds out of their pocket.

For more information about Special Needs Libraries in your community contact your local council.

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