Monday, June 25, 2012

Rain, Hail or Sickness.....

Wow wee it's been a full on time around here the last week or so with Sarah unwell. Although I'm happy to report she is all perked up now, I just discovered yesterday she is about to cut more teeth, and yesterday Cohen started coughing up a storm.

I guess it's the season for it, what can you do but love them and squeeze them (not literally squeeze them, you know what I mean), but goodness me it's a merry-go-round at the moment. My kids are never, and I seriously mean never sick this much or in cycling waves like this.

Despite the sickness and ups and downs, we've pushed on through to make the most of a weekend at home. We kind of needed a weekend at home, funny how the universe makes things happen. Ben and I both where able to achieve time spent working towards goals. Ben spent time working on the start of efforts to make our yard and barbecue area come into being what we hope. We've got so much to do, money and time are huge factors. But hopefully with time and crossed fingers (on the money side of things) we will be actualising big dreams, with it all sooner rather than later.
The newly built barbecue area.

As for myself, I've been plugging away at My Vintage Vow goals this past weekend. Listing selected Babies, Children's and Women's clothing, to make way for bigger plans I have. I've spent time over the weekend reading and preparing my paperwork to submit to the ABA to start my breastfeeding counsellor studies. Finally and excitingly I've made some steps towards developing some blogging development and management support not only around me but other bloggers. It's very exciting stuff, and for now I can't say much more than we are still at the planning stage. What I can say is that this will help not only me but others work towards their blogging goals in a collective like minded, inspired environment.
So it's basically been a weekend working on feeding personal goals, dreams, jobs with time and energy. Were you able to feed your desires this weekend? What did you do, I'd love to hear. Remember to leave a comment I always like hearing from you, and if you leave a comment I can reply back in the comments section directly to your comment (I recently changed the commenting system over).

May you have a wonderful and illness free week.......that's what I'm hoping for here.

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