Friday, June 22, 2012

Where have I been......

It's been a rough week or so here, so once again sorry for my lack of presence around the blog and on Facebook. Sarah has been rather unwell, in sixteen months she has never had much more than a cold, but this past week she has been the worst I have ever seen her. Until Wednesday I hd been uncertain to what actually has been wrong, teeth, cold, tummy bug, temps and then Wednesday bang out of now where a rash all over her chest, back and nappy region.

I rushed her off to the docs, to be told that she has a viral infection and keep fluids up and let her rest. Fluids haven't been a problem she has literally been breastfeeding non-stop and she is totally off her food and has barely eaten anything solid in four days. Then yesterday the rash started to creep up her neck and cheeks as well. The doctor said to take her back if she got worse, but generally she is all perky again but I'm left with a rash that is worsening.

Cohen has the sniffles a bit too at the moment, so I've been doing my best to keep them occupied, happy and warm. So it's been cuddles and snuggles, DVD's, pasting and crafting and building and playing with boxes in the sun.

I hope I can return to normal transmission here soon. But tell me what do you do for the kids when they're sick that's a little extra special or different?

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  1. Oh Trudie. I remember those days. When they're little, they're just so out of sorts and there's not much you can do. I can remember making a little bed for them on the lounge and letting them watch their favourite DVD or maybe give them a couple jelly beans or an ice cream. I don't think it hurts them. My two are sick this week too just with a little cold but they're too sick for school but play at home. (They are there today only because it's the last day but they are still coughing and spluttering.) Hope things quieten down soon for your little girl and you have a great weekend.

    Anne xx


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